Solar Hot Water

Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water can be installed into your home at any time.  Solar hot water can be included in new home builds as well as upgrades and retrofits.

If you are investing in a new residential swimming pool, solar hot water has to be high up on your list of must-haves for longer enjoyment of your new pool.

Heating a swimming pool using solar energy will:

  • Increase your water temperature by about 8oC; and
  • Add approximately 12 weeks per annum to your family’s enjoyment.

As well as hot water heating you can also consider solar energy for underfloor heating and radiator heating.

Here at Plumbing & Gas Works we’d be delighted to supply you with a list of names of our most recent solar hot water heating installations, so they can tell you exactly what they think of Plumbing & Gas Works and the solar hot water heating systems we’ve installed.