The drainlaying team at Plumbing & Gas Works has a diverse range of experience to call upon when it comes to your drainage install or drain repair.

All Plumbing & Gas Works drainlayers are either qualified to the highest level (certifying drainlayer) or are studying towards this qualification.  In addition, all Plumbing & Gas Works drainlayers will be only too happy to show you their Plumbers, Gasfitters & Drainlayer’s Board Authorisation Card.

All Plumbing & Gas Works Certifying Drainlayers are responsible for their own work and the work of all other Plumbing & Gas Works drainlayers they supervise to ensure their work also exceeds the level of competency required.

When it comes to drainlaying, just about the most common SOS call Plumbing & Gas Works receives is that of blocked drains.  So if this is you, give the team a call today on 07-847-3005, and we’ll be around in a flash (well, within 24 hours – guaranteed!).

If you’re building a new home (residential or lifestyle), then Plumbing & Gas Works drainlayers can help show you the best solution for your site.  If you’re renovating (kitchen, bathroom, laundry, ensuite) then similarly, one of our certifying drainlayers will be able to help you get the most cost effective solution.

Commercial drainlaying is a specialty unto itself and again, our team at Plumbing & Gas Works know what they’re talking about.  We’ve got years of commercial drainlaying experience under our belts and we are familiar with townhouse developments and industrial units.