Domestic Fire Sprinklers

Domestic Fire Sprinklers

Did you realise, that in New Zealand, a family home is destroyed by fire every three hours?  Further, and tragically, around 19 people lose their lives in preventable house fires and over $141 million of damage is caused.  Every year!

Plumbing & Gas Works can help prevent you and your family being one of those statistics through the installation of domestic fire sprinklers.  If you’re building a new home then Plumbing & Gas Works cannot recommend strongly or highly enough that you install a domestic fire sprinkler right from the get-go as it’s obviously, the most cost-efficient time to do this.

New home installs are not the only way to go, though.  If your home has an adequate ceiling cavity / space then the guys from Plumbing & Gas Works can install and hook up a sprinkler system for you in just a couple of days.

Here’s why you should consider a domestic fire sprinkler:

  • Home sprinklers can connect to your ordinary domestic plumbing (ie, they don’t need to hook up to the council’s water supply);
  • They jump into action when they’re needed – only the sprinkler closest to the fire action will activate;
  • They reduce fire damage.  If you consider the average house fire in New Zealand causes around $42,000 in fire and smoke damage whereas those houses that have domestic fire sprinklers installed suffer around $2,000 of damage.
  • They cost between 1% – 2% of a build price to install.
  • Domestic fire sprinklers save water – your average fire crew would use about 12,500 litres of water to put out a fire whereas one sprinkler head uses about 600 litres to extinguish a fire.
  • Domestic fire sprinklers are inconspicuous – domestic sprinkler heads are nothing like commercial sprinkler heads to look at.   (Ask the team at Plumbing & Gas Works to show you some examples of the different types of heads available.)

And most importantly – something which can never have a price put on it – domestic fire sprinklers save lives.  In most cases, a sprinkler will extinguish a fire before a family even realises they’ve been exposed to danger.  That is, as the saying goes, priceless!